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Cibeles Casa AmericaCasa de America is a public consortium that aims to strengthen ties between Spain and the Americas, especially in Latin America. This approach is encouraged through seminars, conferences, roundtables, presentations, keynote lectures, screenings, concerts, conferences, presentations, workshops, etc. Different formats pursuing the same goal: to foster a climate to talk about American themes, in which members of governments on both sides of the Atlantic, media, diplomatic corps, business, civil society, academia, literary and artistic, and institutions.

The Consortium was founded in 1990 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Community of Madrid and the city of Madrid, is headquartered in the Palace of Linares.

3The america home institution, platform and tool Spanish public diplomacy programming has focused on the events and characters of the utmost importance at all times, to become a catalyst and promoter of American today, remembering to spread the historical and cultural legacy .

casa america 3The Casa de América Consortium was founded in 1990, during preparations for the celebration of the V Centenario. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Community of Madrid and the Madrid City Council is constituted as founding members of the institution.

The headquarters of Casa de América hosted the II Ibero-American Summit in July 1992. SM King Juan Carlos I and the Heads of State and Government participating in the Summit, inaugurated the institution.

American house has since received the most outstanding personalities of the continent leaders, politicians, economists, writers, sociologists, artists, etc.

palacio-de-linares-22The activity of the institution stairway is divided into two areas: American Tribune and American Ateneo.

5099216404_bd51764d1d_bAmerican Tribune

It focuses on the diplomatic and institutional environment by emphasizing socio-political, economic, scientific, technological and thought in general matters.

American Ateneo

It focuses on the cultural sphere, and its activities revolve around the film, literature, music, visual and performing arts.

“America House opened in 1992”
“Aims to strengthen ties between Spain and the Americas”

“To foster a climate to talk about American themes”
linares2El Palacio de Linares Palace, seat of the House of America, is located in the heart of Madrid, in the Plaza de Cibeles (between Paseo de Recoletos and Calle de Alcalá). It was build in 1877 at the express wish of the Marquis de Linares, José María Murga and Reolid, and his wife Dona Raimunda Osorio and Ortega, and the work was completed in 1900.

Its architecture was given by Carlos Colubí, Adolf Ombrecht and Manuel Aníbal Álvarez (the latter was responsible for the marble staircase Garden, the cabellerizas and Dollhouse). While its exterior is characterized by limestone with which he arose, inside the palace abound tapestries, crystals of Antwerp, lamps and bronzes in Paris, as well as numerous paintings by artists of the stature of Francisco Pradilla, Manuel Domínguez and Alejandro Ferrant, among others. The presence of rich fabrics and precious objects alternates with materials such as marble, bronze, fine woods and mosaic. The decorative elements of the exterior (angels, vases and coats of arms) were sculptor Jerome Sunol. Currently its stately rooms house all kinds of events both institutional and commercial.

plaza-cibeles-madridPlaza de Cibeles
Cibeles Plaza de Cibeles America The House is in the Spanish city of Madrid, at the intersection of Calle de Alcalá (which crosses from west to east) in Recoletos (north) and the Paseo del Prado (south) . This place, one of the most symbolic of the capital, divide the boundaries of the districts Centro, Retiro and Salamanca.

In the center of the room, the famous fountain of Cibeles, sculpted in 1782, from a design by Ventura Rodríguez stands. Each of the four corners of the square is dominated by iconic buildings, built between the late eighteenth century and early twentieth century.

The Palacio de Buenavista or Army Headquarters, dating from 1777, is the oldest of them all. It is located in the northwest corner, facing the Palacio de Linares or Casa de América, which stands on the northeast. Meanwhile, the Communications Palace, home of the Mayor of Madrid since 2007, extends over the southeastern end and the Bank of Spain on suroeste.plaza-cibeles-madrid

Over the years, the Palacio de Cibeles and power have become the monument symbol of the city.

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