America2has a dedicated and experienced logistics.

Ford Asistencia copia-152-Four Wheel drive Assistance provide tools, technical equipment and audiovisual communication systems.

-Staff en ruta: .Responsible organization. . Mechanic / Operator video photography.

Motos BMW MantenimientoMotorcycle Maintenance.Scheduled to BMW franchised dealers. We maintain direct communication with official BMW importers and dealers in all countries. Scheduled maintenance. New York. Anchorage. San Francisco. Mexico. Bogotá. Santiago de Chile. Buenos Aires. Bogotá.

Pirelli Scorpion TrailTires.In coordination with Pirelli, the official sponsor America 2 a plan for replacement tires that all participants have during her tires in perfect condition.

Audiovisual Equipment

accion dron copiaExpert camera operator at each stage.

Expert video editor processed images sent daily.

High Technology and media art for imaging.

computer equipment

Experts maintain informatios daily updated information on the web.

Express delivery.

Base of operations permanent office.  Situada en Madrid, ( España ).

-Maintains direct connection with the support vehicle.

Direct makers BMW dealers where maintenance is performed-Access.

-Media Access responsible for international, national and local media.

Standing with coordinators in each region-Link.

-Direct contact press / radio / TV

Direct-contact leaders and presidents moto clubs across countries.

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