Registration rights
The selected riders will be part of a team of four (4). Riders have full rights to participate in América²´s route in the terms and conditions stated in the following regulations.
Registration Conditions.
The selected drivers will have to sign and send a contract, which will be sent to each of them within the established terms. The selected riders will have to pay the full entrance fee.
10 day stages: US$ 2.700 (two thousand seven hundred US dollars)
11 day stages: US$ 2.950 (two thousand nine hundred fifty US dollars)
12-14 day stages: US$ 3.000 (Three thousand US dollars)
Special Stages
Calgary – Anchorage: US$ 3000. Anchorage – Seattle: US$ 3000. San Francisco – Los Angeles: US$ 2950. Lima – La Paz: US$2.950. La Paz – Santiago de Chile: US$3000. Santiago de Chile – El Calafate: US$3000. Calafate – Usuahia: US$3000. Usuahia – Buenos Aires: US$3000

Deposit Account. Unites States of America (USA)
The deposit will have to me made before the deadlines for each stage.
Those who have deposited both the registration fee and guarantee deposit in the established terms will have full rights to participate in the allotted stage.
The US$ 400 (four hundred US dollars) deposit will have to be transferred three months prior to the starting date of the allotted stage.
Any delay transferring such amount will mean the cancellation of the allotted stage and the loss of all rights, which will be given to the standby riders.
Cancellation Insurance. It is possible and voluntary to take out a travel cancellation insurance.

Registration Rights
-The use of the four BMW R-1200GS Adventure bikes with unlimited mileage according to contract.
– Bike and tyre maintenance.
– Bike Permits and Insurance to drive in the corresponding countries in each stage.
– Bike transportation in the closed road sections. (Darien Gap Panama – Colombia and vice versa
– Assistance 4WD vehicle with luggage transportation, mechanic and a member of the organization/photographer
– Photo Album and video recording of the stage.
– Mechanic repairs caused by wear and tear or usual breakdowns. (Not those ones caused by negligence of the rider, falls, etc.)
– Daily Logistic assistance.
– Health and repatriation insurance in case of accident or serious illness.
Not included in the registration
Each pilot will have to arrange and pay for his or her plane tickets, visas, gas, hotels, restaurant bills, tolls, customs duties, ferries, personal insurances and personal expenses
There will be a guarantee deposit of US$ 400 (four hundred US dollars) for each pilot to cover possible damages to the bikes
The amount will be deposited into account number…. which belongs to the Organizing partnership three months prior to the starting date of the allotted stage.
The deposit will be returned fully once the stage is completed and there are no damages to the bikes inflicted by the participant.
Damages to the bike that have not been caused by the usual wear and tear will be deducted from the deposit.
Registration Fee:
América² will only reimburse the following amounts of the registration fee:
A- 6 months prior to the starting date of the allotted stage: 50%
B- During the previous 6 months before the starting date of the allotted stage there will be no reimbursement
It is advisable to take out cancellation insurances.
The reimbursement of the deposit will be carried out after having finished the corresponding stage of each team and after the member of the organization present at the end of the stage has signed the damage acceptance form. To value damages to be deducted from the deposit, the assessment carried out by an authorized BMW dealer or an agreed vehicle repair shop will be taken into account.
The bikes are four BMW R-1200-GS Adventure- 2015. They are equipped with Touratech special accessories.
The bikes will be broken in prior to the starting date of the first stage by a selected team and respecting the planned schedule. The bikes will start the first stage having been broken in and after the official service has been carried out
Accessories: All bikes will be equipped with the following BMW original accessories
– Pre-installation of GPS. Navigator Garmin V
– Heated grips.
– Skid plate. Touratech
– Cylinder guards. Touratech.
-Tool kit.
-Tyre repair kit.
– Pannier System. Touratech.
– Headlight guard kit. Touratech.
-Tank bag. Touratech.
– Official tyres: Pirelli. They will be changed every 2 stages or every 8.000 km.
The organization´s mechanic will carry out the daily maintenance of the bikes at the end of each day.
There will be a series of programmed official services in those cities in which there are BMW authorized dealers.
The bikes will be checked at the end of each of the stages so that they are fully operational for the next team to be able to start their stage in the best possible conditions.
Obligatory official services at BMW have been scheduled and in those places where BMW can not offer that service, maintenance services will be carried out in already selected vehicle repair shops or by the organization´s mechanic.
All participants will have to visually inspect the bike in detail before starting his or her stage and inform the Organization through the incident sheet any fault he or she observes. If he or she fails to inform such faults, it will be assumed that the bike is in perfect conditions. Those faults that might be found at the end of the stage will be deducted from the deposit
During the whole trip BMW will be used for regular services and mechanic emergencies. All maintenance services will be recorded in the official maintenance service book of each of the bikes.
The items to be checked in the bikes follow BMW´s Maintenance plan strictly. The tyres will be replaced following the maintenance chart established by the organization.
Daily Maintenance: The organization´s mechanic will carry out daily maintenance service before starting the day´s journey that will cover all the items included in the Appendix daily check up.
In the assistance vehicle there will be an emergency replacement kit and spare parts.

Each team will be made up of four riders, preferably of the same nationality. For the selection of the teams the articles in the Pilot Selection document will be taken into account.
All participants take a responsibility in a very difficult project committing themselves to making both a personal and team effort to finish their stage in the conditions and terms established.
The team of each stage will chose a name and will designate, in their own judgment, a road leader, who will be the one responsible before the Organization. He will be the speaker of the whole team. His vote will be worth double to prevent any possible ties.
All participants commit themselves to making their most important objective of their trip the complete success of America², putting the general interest of the trip ahead of their own individual ones.
All participants should possess the corresponding driver´s license for the countries where they will be driving and should not be involved in any legal process in which his or her license might be invalidated or limited in any way. It is advisable that all drivers have their international driver´s license.
All participants will have to deliver the bike in the corresponding place and time, not being able to claim any kind of incident for failing to do so. The team as a whole is responsible for the delivery of the four bikes, being their responsibility to cover the cost of transporting the bikes to the corresponding place in the corresponding time.
Official riders will be able to carry a passenger in their own bike during their stage after the previous approval of the rest of the members of the team and the organization. Riders will have to inform about the passenger, provide the organization with all his/her personal information and get the approval of the rest of the members of the team
There is no extra fee for passengers.
There cannot be passengers in the off road stages.
Any America² fan can ride along the official bikes in their own bikes or automobile in any of the stages. However he or she must arrange for everything related to his or her own trip.
Those participants who have his or her own assistance vehicle apart from the one provided for by the organization and wish to do relays or rotations riding the bikes will have to inform the organization in advance. In all cases the one responsible for the bike before the organization will be the selected official rider and the selected team as a whole.
All stages will have both standby teams and riders to cover for official riders who fail to be available for the stage at the last minute.
To be officially on the list of standby riders is obligatory to deposit US$ 1500 (one thousand five hundred US dollars)
This amount entitles the rider to participate in the corresponding stage when any of the official riders informs he is not going to participate in that stage.
This amount will be the total registration fee paid by the standby riders without deposit. There will be no need of extra fee in case of exercising their replacement right.
In the event of not covering for any rider in the selected stage for which the standby rider has registered for, the total amount of the deposit of US$1500 will be returned to the standby rider by the organization, or, otherwise, if he wishes he can become a standby rider for another stage.
If the standby rider is needed to replace an official rider and he fails to do so for whatever reason, he will lose his right to participate and the total amount of the deposit (US$ 1500) as well.
All standby riders will be considered official riders and will have all their rights when, for whatever reason, the originally selected official rider does not take part in the corresponding stage.
Standby riders become official ones from the moment they formally accept their participation in any of the stages, taking on all their right and responsibilities
There is also a list of standby riders who register to participate in any of the stages if needed. In order to be on this list the rider will have to deposit US$1500 (one thousand five hundred US dollars) in the organizations account before April 1st 2014 and the amount will remain in reserve until the end of America².
Before leaving:
– Getting passports, visas, vaccination records (check mandatory immunization), and international driver´s license. Allow for the necessary time to process them.
– Inform the organization about the name of the team. The name of the country will always come before the name of the team if all the members belong to the same country. The team that does not provide a name for the team will be given one by the organization and it will be the number corresponding to the stage they are participating in. For example: Team Nº 3 Brazil – the team that participates in stage number 3 and whose members are all Brazilian. Team Nº 22 Uruguay, Chile, USA- the team that participates in stage number 22 and whose members are Uruguayan, Chilean and America.
– Send the itinerary of the chosen route to the organization.
– Confirm the name of the passengers and the name of the leader of the stage.
– Inform the organization about the dates, flight numbers and timetables of the transportation used to arrive at the starting point of the stage.
During the trip:
– Obey and respect all the traffic rules and regulations of the countries that the stage covers.
– Every night record the itinerary covered during they day in the Route book following the model below.
– Participate in the organization´s programmed mandatory activities, and visit the designated points.
After the trip:
– Deliver the bike and all its accessories in the finishing point of the stage. (BMW authorized dealer or other point chosen by the organization.
– Hand in all the bike´s documents to the responsible member of the organization.
– Complete service and check of the bike filling in the damage form.
– Hand in the bike keys to the responsible member of the organization.
– Leave on the bike all the accessories that belong to it.
– Give the organization all text, images or recording of the trip that you feel are appropriate for publication in the web or media.
Each of the participants and teams will be in charge of his, her or their personal documents, being them responsible for obtaining passports, visas, international driver´s license, vaccination records and special permits
It is the sole responsibility of each of the members of the team to obtain personal insurance for the countries that their stage covers.
All pilots have health and repatriation insurance included in the registration as detailed in the section: Conditions – Insurance above.
The official documentation of the bikes will be provided by the organization.
Circulation Permit / Fact sheet / Customs documents / Special instructions
The documentation of the bikes will be carried in waterproof bags and will be under the official rider´s responsibility during each stage.
Route book
The team leader will have to record all the events occurred each day in the route book or travel diary following the model below.

Day Date Place Km. Covered Observations

Health recommendations:
Spanish teams should visit the Health Ministry website: todos ciudadanos
There they will find all the detailed information to trips to all countries and dangerous areas. There is also a map of Spain with all the vaccination centers and information about international immunization.
Embassies and Consulates:
It is highly recommended for participants to visit the corresponding Foreign Affairs Ministry´s website in each country to find detailed information about the necessary documentation and dangerous areas and also about embassies and consulates of each country abroad.
It´s recommended for participants to make contact with local BMW motorbike clubs in their stages to obtain first hand information about the routes and itineraries and possible extra logistic support during the trip.
– América² exclusively handles agreement with various sponsors.
– The aim of this sponsorship is to improve de development and success of América²
– All participating riders and their passengers will accept this sponsors whose advertising will be on the bikes, assistance vehicle and also on the website and all official communication
– Other personal sponsorship for one individual or team, or stage without the organization´s permission is not acceptable. It is absolutely prohibited to use América² image or structure for any type of advertising or public event without express permission of the organization. In all public events in which members of the team participate both individually or as a group, they will have to state the participations as members of America².
Social and protocolary events are press conferences or other appearance to the press, the start podium, the finish podium and the attendance to the designated schools in each stage. However other events such as dinner parties, cocktail receptions, etc. will also be considered social or protocolary events.
Start Podium: Miami (Florida) USA (dates according to planned scheduled for 2015)
Finish Podium: Miami (Florida) USA (dates according to planned scheduled for 2016)
VIP Stage:
The VIP stage will be the last one of America² (31). Sponsors, renown personalities from the arts, adventure, politics and culture and motorbike champions will take it in turns to take America² bikes to the finishing line.
Responsible: Chelo Cañizares /Gustavo Cuervo
The permanent office for emergences and coordination is:


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