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The organizers and participants of AMERICA2 pledge that the main goals of this international journey are topromote friendship, solidarity and cooperation among the peoples of America and Europe.

We declare our intention to travel as a team, being supportive and caring with each other, while trying to help whoever needs our assistance, relying on any organizations that we find along the way and serve this purpose. In this regard, we will show and confirm that the universal values that all motorbike riders share, regardless of their nationality, gender or race, go beyond the personal growth, which comes from sharing experiences with everyone we meet along the way. These values are a consequence of a different way of traveling, a particular way of connecting to the environment, and a way of discovering not only what is around us, but also inside ourselves.

We are committed to protecting the environment and respect the cultural diversity of the countries we visit. We pledge to develop social projects to help children, collaborating with schools all over America, through activities that will encourage and promote solidarity, education and children rights. Exploring, discovering, learning, feeling the emotion and satisfaction of accomplishing the objectives of this long and complex trip, is our main goal. Thus, we promise to complete each stage without sparing any effort.

We want every citizen in the world to be a part of this experience. We will share our experience in all the media available to us, so that everyone participating in this long journey can be enriched by it.

We are willing to collaborate with all public and private institutions, whose ideals are friendship, travel, development and cooperation among people.

Aboard our motorcycles and inside our hearts, we will always carry the will of making ours a better world. As poets say, we know that the important part is to follow a road that is full of adventure and  knowledge.
Madrid. Spain. December 19 2014


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